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べたべた Beeswax Wraps 


Handmade beeswax food wraps are a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. Use it to cover your leftovers in the fridge, half a lemon, your avocado, cucumbers, your bread and more. Fold the medium size sheet into a pocket to carry your dry snacks around.


  • Pack of 3
  • 1 x XS (5” x 5”), 1 x S (8”x 8”), 1 x M (11” x 11”)
  • Made with 100% Canadian beeswax, damar resin and organic jojoba oil
  • We make our wraps with extra clingy corners to ensure they stick to your bowl, dish, container and more

How to Use: 

The warmth of your hands will activate the stickiness in the wraps as you wrap your べたべた beeswax wraps around your food items or container. For added cling, give the corners an extra press. Do not use with raw meat or fish. Ensure your leftovers have completely cooled down before putting the wraps on the bowl. Do not use with hot items. 

How to Wash:

Simply wash the wrap gently with cool water and mild dish soap (if needed) and air dry on a drying rack. Store in a cool place away from heat.