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Wild Mint Konjac Puff
Wild Mint Konjac Puff

Wild Mint Konjac Puff

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Product from Yosh Konjac

For All Skin Types (with skin revitalizing effects)


  • in addition to refreshing your skin, this natural sponge contains anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties which are effective in keeping your skin clean and improving skin texture
  • regular cleansing and exfoliation with this sponge will help revitalize your skin to reveal a brighter, smoother and cleaner complexion
  • ingredients: 100% konjac glucomannan, japanese peppermint extract, blue clay
  • handmade in Japan using 100% pure Konjac vegetable fibers infused with Japanese Peppermint essence
  • 100% natural and biodegradable
  • no artificial colouring, preservatives or toxic and harmful chemicals
  • cruelty free, GMO free (manufactured using vegetable fibers from non-genetically modified Konjac Plants), fragrance free
  • size: Dry (7 cm diameter x 2.5 cm height) Wet (8 cm diameter x 3 cm height)
  • * Size for each sponge may vary slightly given their handmade nature


  • rinse and soak dry sponge in warm water until the sponge is soft and has fully absorbed water
  • add your favourite body cleanser or soap if desired and gently massage and bathe your body with the sponge
  • avoid harsh rubbing on acne areas
  • gently rinse sponge after use to remove any soap or dirt residue
  • lightly squeeze the sponge in the palm of your hands and do not wring as it could damage the sponge
  • hang the sponge in a well-ventilated area to dry or place in a sealed container and store it in the fridge until the next use
  • to disinfect, soak the sponge in hot water for 5 minutes on a weekly basis
  • compost the sponge when it needs to be replaced
  • replace sponge every 4-6 weeks for best cleansing results