Hi there!
My name is Adrienne and my partner, Barry and I are the creators behind Nobu & Ting.
Nobu & Ting was born out of an epiphany – ‘the planet is dying, and we are the culprit’.  It had finally hit hard.  In late 2018, as I was home recovering from surgery, I began reading again, and watching more documentaries (I had a lot of time on my hands), becoming more and more aware of how wasteful my lifestyle had become.  I looked around my home and all I could see was plastic – plastic bags, plastic tape, plastic bins, plastic takeout containers, plastic packaging, plastic, plastic, and more plastic.  Plastic does not decompose and realizing that only 9% of plastic gets properly recycled, it dawned on me, that I had to make a change in my life.  I had heard about beeswax wraps before and how they could replace single use plastic wrap and were more environmentally friendly.   One thing led to another, and after many trials, I made my first set of wraps for myself.  My mind was set to make this change in my life – to switch over to beeswax wraps and not use single use plastic wrap anymore.  But I’m just one person, and there are 7.7 billion people on this planet, how would I begin to even make an impact in this world?  Maybe if I made more, I could share it with more people, and educate them on using beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap.  And that was how our line of べたべた beeswax wraps all started. 
(べたべた - pronounced 'bet-a bet-a' simply means 'sticky' in Japanese) 
Incorporating our Asian heritage and background, we decided to use parts of our Asian names “Nobu” (meaning ‘truth’ in Japanese) and “Ting” (meaning ‘pretty’ in Chinese) to bring the truth to light, but in a pretty way. 
At Nobu & Ting, we strive to bring you products that are eco-friendly to help you make the lifestyle changes without sacrificing “quality” and “aesthetics”.  We also love to support locally made products as much as we can, and to help spread the word of other small local businesses that are saying no to harmful chemicals, plastic waste and poor-quality products that will ultimately end up in the landfill after minimal uses.
We cannot make a huge difference alone, but together we become a force.